Thursday, July 14, 2011

Autobiography of a wooden chair


This is the first time I am contributing on,if any suggestions about my post, please comment.


What do you think of the current state of mine?All those big people (human being they call themselves)are using me for sitting,standing and even sleeping sometimes.One of my friends said that some naughty children jumped over him and now he has a back ache ( a nasty one).

Sorry I forgot to introduce myself as I was deeply concerned by the situation. My name is Om.I have been in this room for years together. Oh!How lovely it was to be in my tree family.My family name is Bamboo.And see where I have landed up now.IN THE DUNGEONS!Let me tell you a brief flashback of my life.About 30 years ago,I was with my huge family in the forest of Kahna.All kinds of friends I had from squirrels to snakes and sparrows.They took shelter under our family.Everyday I could see the gleaming sun shining brilliantly at me and inspiring me to grow.How pleasant those days were! Then something disturbing happened.

It was in the month of July that the rains started.So we would have another generation in a family. I used to talk to my friends and brothers and sisters. On one of the days I was relaxing my arms and legs, When suddenly I heard something unusual to my leaves. It was the sound of one of the big people's machines. Although they passed in their so called cars, these cars were amazingly big than the normal ones. And it was our family they were heading to! Frankly I am very scared of such things. My friends tried to driving it away but in vein. It was now that I realised how fortunate it would be to have a pair of legs and a common language! Alas! Our days were over. And with a 'thud' the gigantic car came crashing into us. A little later we understood that they were to make a highway round there! And so we were taken away along with some centipedes and insects on our bodies. My mom and dad had known about this quite a while back, but they stood very calm. I was seriously upset about the happenings and asked my mom,"Mother, Is it necessary for them to chop us? Are they not sufficient with our relatives being taken away last time?" My mother said calmly,"It would have been sufficient, but their population is increasing and they are also becoming greedy. Our time to serve them with fruits and flowers is over. Now we will have to sacrifice our body also to serve them." I looked at mother anxiously and she smiled back at me.

The car came and stopped at a very huge gate. The watchman opened it and we proceeded. After reaching we were taken out and sent in a big tower like structure. After that I lost my senses for a while. When I returned into myself, I let out to huge cry as my mom & dad were separated from me. It was the worst thing to happen. As I consoled myself, I remembered mother's words. I looked at myself and noticed that I have been compressed with some other strangers of my kind. So we became friends. Then all of us were transferred. We were nailed and joined to some others. And as I gazed at our structure, we were exactly looking like one of those big people's seats which they called as 'chairs'. But we were a bit smaller in size. Then we were taken to a room which was full of chairs. It was a study room for children. Thus I landed up here. Since that day, we have been their seats. Some times I get hurt when someone jumps over me or fells me. Now I have more friends like me than before who were first a nature's part and now taken away.

Well! Thank you my friend for understanding my feelings. Some times I do get depressed at the loss of my mom & dad, But that is alright. Good Bye!!!


  1. ha! i loved it!!! nice attempt. :)

  2. Pretty good post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Any way I'll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon.

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